History of BSP

Founders Jeff and Scott Linnemeyer grew up in the small town of Mexico, Missouri, about 40 miles from Columbia. The brothers both attended Northeast Missouri State University (now Truman State University) where they studied business and played basketball for the university. After college, they broke away from their small-town roots and moved to Chicago to pursue careers in the financial industry.

After nearly a decade working as a clerk and a broker in the trading pits of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Scott was ready for a change. A past conversation was revived about how the two of them always aspired to partner in their own business. The idea to launch Beacon Street Properties (BSP), a home builder and residential land developer, soon followed.

It seemed like a natural fit to establish their business back in the Missouri area where they grew up. Their father, Dwight Linnemeyer, had many established relationships in the industry and community and many knew Jeff and Scott as they grew up. With a plan in place, Scott moved his family back to Columbia to get the business up and running. Jeff remained in Chicago to continue his career as a trader, but maintained a hands-on role by providing startup capital and partnering on strategic decisions.

In August 2006, BSP opened their doors and started building their first few spec homes. The brothers spent the next several years expanding their knowledge of the business and furthering relationships while managing through the real estate downturn. BSP survived the housing recession, which hurt or wiped out several local competitors, and emerged well positioned to start growing.

As the market continued to improve, BSP grew their home building business year after year. BSP developed a strong reputation in the industry for quality craftsmanship, innovative designs, and impeccable customer service.

In June 2012, Jeff left his trading career with Getco (a global electronic trading company in Chicago) to join BSP full time from his Chicago base. With the brothers back together full time, along with a talented team assembled along the way, BSP was hitting on all cylinders.

Today, BSP is regarded as one of the premier home builders and residential land developers in Columbia and the surrounding areas. While BSP is proud of their short history, there is no time to rest on their laurels. BSP plans to continue growing their presence in the areas of both home building and land development. BSP is enthusiastic about the future and is excited about continuing to push the limits in innovation and providing quality homes and neighborhoods for people to live.

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